Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Great Illustrator Project

A few weeks ago I was asked by Tom Anderson from Blackfish Books to be a part of The Great Illustrator Project. TGIP is a project aimed at creating a high quality illustration library, from backgrounds and characters all created by various Artist, that will allow clients to build their own customizable books. I absolutely love this idea because being a filmmaker this is as close to storyboarding and directing as it gets. Instead of just focusing on a single piece of individual art, kids will now have a chance to create much broader projects, which I think will expand their creativity even more.

There are 41 other Artists involved, some of them being top Illustrators in the industry and some of them I have been obsessed with for years. Aside for the idea itself, the quality of Artists that have committed themselves to this is project convinced me that this is something that I have to be a part of.

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us launch this project into its early gears. We are starting off with trying to raise $5,000, half of which will go to art production, and half of which will go to marketing. Please take a look at the campaign and browse through the Illustrators, and if you want to help us get off the group then please consider pledging. Also spreading the word via social media will also help. Thanks for reading and check out our campaign here! =)

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